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Select Investments in Small and Medium Businesses

Path to Step by Step Financial Growth

Grow your wealth step by step in line with your financial goals by investing in growth centered businesses.

Better than Banks

Investing in proven businesses is a way to grow your capital while at the same time mitigating your risk.  We aquire businesses in solid niches that have a proven track record and opportunites for further growth.

Options to Grow your Capital

Grow your capital with the type of investments and risk you are most comfortable with.  We will inform you of the deals that are in line with your risk comfort level and desired outcomes.


We provide opportunities for passive investment in specific business projects.

We offer completely hands free opportunities to invest in business projects.  If you have relavent experience you are welcome to offer advice in each project but it is by no means required as we have existing staff, former owners, industry advisors that all provide that role. 

We look for business projects with the 3 following characteristics.

Low Risk

An exisitng business is a much safer investment than a startup.  We look for ‘Boring” businesses that turn out quality cash flow while at the same time have a low risk of failure in the short team and are a good market to hold for the long term.

Ability to Force Appreciation

We look for businesses that we are able to force the appreciate on in a short time by using our sales and marketing experience to increase the revenue and cash flow of our target businesses.

Businesses that we can increase the size of through marketing

We are constanctly looking for businesses that allow us to increase the sales and customers through online and social media marketing with the help of our staff and interns.  

Longer Term Business Investments

At Star City Capital we want to be your long term investment partner.  Whether you hold one investment with us for above average annual returns or invest in a series of projects over the years, we believe in honoring or investors and treating them right.  We are buy and hold investors, intending to keep our businesses for a long time but you are free to exit any business investment on the anniversary of your investment each year. We typically offer 8-10% interest per year for our investors although occaissionaly there are short term projects with a greater interest rate.  

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