Sell Your Business

Investing in Select Businesses

Sell your business in 3 months or less!

Are you thinking of selling your business? If so, reach out to us and let us know the details and time frame that you are looking to sell in. We are looking for businesses in the United States that have the potential to increase revenue with additional marketing, and reduce costs with better systems in place.

We know that you care about your employees and legacy, as well as selling your business at a fair price. We truly believe in a win-win process and want to protect your legacy and preserve the business you have led and grown to the next level.

Today’s business selling environment is competitive. There are 10,000 baby boomer business owners retiring each day. Only about 15% of businesses are passed on to the next generation, and only about 20% of businesses listed are sold each year. That means if you list your business in 2022, there is a greater than 80% chance that it won’t sell.

Ideally, we look for businesses with existing management in place (or one where we can bring in a professional manager) as well as the option for some owner financing. We can buy your business without a broker, saving you 10% in sales commission.

The ideal business for us is located in the South East, United States, is producing more than $1,00,000 in EBITA, and is a COVID resistant business and can be reasonably expected to be grown with additional professional marketing.

Why Sell Your Business To Us?

  • We have a system and process in place to bring added profitability to just about any business and help it to scale. (See The Love to Work System)
  • Our network and team of advisors have run 100+ businesses and been involved in over 50 acquisitions.
  • We focus on acquiring businesses with $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in EBITA. We look for good businesses with a strong team in place.
  • We will make sure there is a strategy for the continued growth of the businesses before we offer a Letter of Intent.
  • We have a simple process in place to walk you through selling your business.

Business Selling Process

  • Schedule an introductory call with Buddy at
  • Receive a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement from Star City Capital.
  • Provide us with 3 years of financial statements and tax records for initial evaluation
  • Receive a Business Valuation from us.
  • Confidential Meeting(Either offsite, after hours, or on Zoom)
  • You will receive a written offer from us and we will negotiate terms in a win-win manner
  • Receive a Letter of Intent from us.
  • We complete due diligence on the deal.
  • You will receive a pre-transition checklist from us after due diligence is complete.
  • Closing and transfer of funds
  • Take a Break. You deserve it.

Selling your business can be a frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be. We have an experienced team, a simple plan, and a proven process. We will work to complete the sales process in less than 3 months. Let us provide you with a FREE business valuation.

Start the process today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by starting the conversation.

Please contact us at 540.632.1759 or and let us know more about your business today.