Love to Work

Investing in Select Businesses

The Love to Work System is our in house system designed to grow people and the business at the same time. It is based on Buddy’s 20+ years of business consulting and executive coaching as well the Rockefeller Habits and incorporates OKR’s to grow the business. In acquiring businesses we will take a look at the existing operating system and procedures and fit in the Love to Work system over time. This way we can incorporate the best of the existing business operating system with the easiest and most impactful elements of the Love to Work System.

Did you know?

  • Only 15% of companies effectively execute their strategy?
  • Companies die at 2X the rate they did just 25 years ago?
  • Companies with healthy cultures are 3X as profitable as companies with unhealthy cultures?
  • 30% of employees are actively looking for a better job?

There is a better way

The Love to Work System is designed to help your business win!

Best Business Practices


Unique Strategy For Each Business


Culture And Personal Building Practices


The Business Executes And Wins At Greater Levels

We use the following mechanisms to implement the Best Business Practices and Unique Strategy for the business over the initial 12-15 months:

  • Awareness of Self, Team, and Strategy
  • Accountability to Execute Best Practices and Strategic Performance
  • Aggregation of Marginal Gains
  • Coaching at all Levels of the Business
  • Transformation through tools


The Love to Work Manifesto 

  • We believe when employees love to work productivity and happiness increase 
  • We believe nearly every SME can double in profits without significant staff increases
  • We believe everyone can improve
  • We believe values are more important than skills(but skills are necessary)
  • We believe a business should improve the lives of employees 
  • We believe the best leaders are servants
  • We believe winning feels good
  • We believe when a business wins, everyone enjoys life more
  • We believe all employees should receive regular coaching
  • We believe work can be fulfilling and rewarding if there is clarity and accountability 
  • We believe business owners, managers, and executives must receive regular coaching
  • We believe everyone should be accountable for activities and results to someone
  • We believe when we understand and connect with one another life is better
  • We believe toxic leaders suck- Literally; they suck life, health, and energy from their team
  • We believe you have to be teachable to grow
  • We believe every team member should tweak their job for maximum happiness 
  • We believe when we tweak our jobs for maximum happiness, it results in maximum productivity
  • We believe discipline brings freedom
  • We believe decisions should be pushed as close to the problem as possible 
  • We believe in developing everyone at all levels of the business
  • We believe the #1 key to an individual’s sustained success is to stop doing things you don’t like doing.  
  • We believe in managing energy more than time
  • We believe in doing less, then obsess 
  • We believe clear vision(goals) and discipline in execution = success 
  • We believe organizational health is a force multiplier of collective smarts 
  • We believe organizational health trumps smart people over time
  • We believe everyone must be able to engage in real conversations around real issues for the team to be healthy 
  • We believe the greatest leaders have the smallest ego
  • We believe the best leaders have the biggest ambitions, channeled through the company or organization
  • We believe we should be bold in vision, strategic in planning, disciplined in execution 
  • We believe that believing in others is one of the most powerful forces in the universe
  • We believe you get what you measure and incentivize 
  • We believe gratitude changes our attitude
  • We believe feedback and reflection open the door to personal transformation.  
  • We believe bad leaders can ruin great people and great leaders can pull the best out of average performers. 


The Love to Work Manifesto 

The Love to Work Life System

  • Clarify The Vision: We start by clarifying the vision of where the business is headed and how to take things to the next level from where the business currently is.
  • Create a Healthy Culture:  Creating a healthy culture doesn’t happen by accident. You need to be intentional in creating it.  We train our managers and leaders with the skills necessary to create a healthy culture in the business.
  • Executing on the Strategic Plan: The statistics on businesses being able to execute their plans are really bad. Only about 15% of annual strategic plans are actually executed. We use a numbers-based open approach that allows everyone in the business to see what is most important each quarter and how their role plays a part in the achievement of the overall goals.
  • Getting Things Done:   Winning is fun (and also imperative for the future of the business) and it doesn’t happen without getting things done. We help individuals to be more productive and make changes to the overall business to create better systems and processes.
  • Growing the People and the Business: There is a famous saying: “What happens if we invest in our employees and they leave?” and the retort is “What if we don’t and they stay.” We work at creating a great environment and growing the people within each business which helps the business grow as well and become a place that others want to work.

How the Love to Work System benefits a Business

  • Simplify the business and each employees role
  • Create and/or improve the most important systems for the business
  • Increase profits from the business
  • Remove the fuzzy thinking and clutter for managers and leaders in the business
  • Operate out of First Principles instead of jumping from tactic to tactic
  • Identify the core problems in the business and get to the root problems
  • Set up systems so management is working on the business, and not just in it
  • Decrease each employee’s islands of stress and increase their islands of joy
  • Find the best and simplest resources, tools, partners, and technology to move the business forward
  • Quickly implement the best ideas
  • Accountability to push the business forward
  • Fix Sales and Marketing problems
  • Get absolute clarity on your 1st and 2nd avatar (almost no one talks about the importance of a 2nd avatar)
  • Honest feedback
  • Encouragement
  • Goal Clarity
  • Next Action Clarity
  • Coaching for the leaders or leadership team

You can grab a copy of the Love to Work Toolbox and Book by clicking on the image of the cover below.