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Do you remember when you were 22 and trying to figure out what to do with your life? How would you have liked an 8-month experience to help you think through who you were created to be? We draw our students in with adventure, motivate them with business skills and effectiveness and inspire them to be lifelong disciple-makers.

What is our big why? We are looking to facilitate a disciple-making movement funded by our business. You can find out more about our specific vehicle for this disciple-making movement by checking out We started our first discipleship school in 2011 and have been moving towards The BAM School model since then. In 2013 we began working with Business As Mission discipleship schools and in 2017-2018 ran our first iteration of The BAM School. Check it out at

Your investment will not only give you a great return on your capital but you know that you will be making an eternal impact with your resources.

If you would like to make an investment that makes you money and makes a difference, we would love to talk. We are looking for investors who want to invest significant amounts of money in a single or multi-year deal. The investment will return 10% interest annually. At 9 months we will ask if you would like to compound the interest, pull it out, or pull out your interest and principal at the 1-year mark. Star City Capital is investing in businesses with the goal of making 100% scholarships for our business education school. Please help us in that worthy endeavor and make yourself a good return on your capital at the same time. The students spend 3 hours a day working on marketing for the business as part of their scholarship.

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